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The Heisman Trophy Trust has sued Heismanwatch.com alleging copyright and trademark infringement in their use of the various Heisman marks. Let’s discuss whether this is infringement or fair use.

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16 thoughts on “Heisman Watch Website SUED for Copyright & Trademark Infringement #WTFU

  1. If the Heisman Trophy and name are so famous and "synonymous" with sports, would that not essentially make the organization and trophy essentially the equivalent of a "public figure".
    To me this is no different than if someone made a website called U2 Watch, Trump Watch or Beiber Watch.
    Obsessively following, analyzing and breaking down the day to day of anything is what most would call news.

  2. The three things I got out of this video are:
    -Sport organizations are aggressive, as always.
    There's a Heisman trophy, didn't know that until watching this.

    Thanks for the informative content as always, regardless of my lack of ability to utilize the information beyond a non-witty comment.

  3. Hahaha are these guys taking the piss ?
    I’m Australian and I’m so glad copy right isn’t this stupid over here, most people would be happy that people want to show off there work.

  4. Just because you haven’t heard of it does not mean that it’s not a very big deal. Anyone who has more than a passing interest in American Football knows about the Heisman award.

    I’m aware of it and I am British.

  5. so I looked up the site on the wayback machine and it seems they added the disclaimer somewhere between 2017-10-21 and 2017-11-21
    EDIT: oh and the design hasn't changed at a glance

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