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This video covers my top 6 recommended surplus rifles to consider buying in 2018 and 2019. Enjoy!


3 thoughts on “5 Surplus Rifles to Buy – 2019

  1. The first rifle I ever handled was a Mk4 Lee Enfield as an Army Cadet in the very early 1970's. By this time next year I'm going to add an SMLE to my collection. I'm also hoping for a decent Swiss straight pull I just don't know which year yet. Fazakerley is pronounced faz-ack-erly but you have to pronounce it in a Scouse (Liverpudlian) accent!

  2. Of your list, I would prefer the Swiss made K31. Truly, if you have one for sale or a Yugoslavian M47 or M48 please let me know. I would like to buy it. Truly. Thank you. Just add Yahoo after my name. Truly.

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