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in this week’s gaming news video we take a look at blizzard’s diablo immortal fiasco and we discover that they are in fact making a lot more mobile games. Possible warcraft mobile, starcraft mobile, even world of warcraft mobile games.

We also take a look at a game changing bug in red dead redemption 2, how to avoid it, and when it might get fixed.


38 thoughts on “Blizzard Is Making MORE Mobile Games! RDR2 Has a BIG bug!

  1. Yes i'm upset. The old school diablo fans got shot in the nuts. Turning on the ppl who feed your fam (fans and consumers) and throwing trash like this in there face. Period.

  2. What upset me the most was the shitty comments made at Blizzcon to the devs and online after. I have sunk (to date) 910 hours into Diablo 3 and I do not care at all that a new game is coming 5o mobile as new PC content will come at some point.

  3. As amazing as video games are, there is never always a perfect video game. You will need to have a FPS mode, free roam, story mode, online, battle royale and tons of stuff like that. You will need so many modes that the game will be like 150GB.

  4. Really goes to show how toxic and arrogant gaming journalism is nowadays when you see how they treat consumers. I mean, two people, TWO, were rude (and that's even a stretch) at Blizzcon when the devs wanted PC gamers to get hyped over a mobile-only game. And because of that gaming journalists are issuing a scorched-earth attack on gamers in general for being entitled. Give me a fucking break.

  5. This blunder won’t hurt the company long term yeah diablo immortal is going to mobile yet people who are fans of the franchise like myself will begrudgingly download it and play it since it’s part of the lore as far as I’m aware of

  6. There is little discussion. You cannot make a full blown 3D PC game with a history of 10 years.
    But reducing it to a Mobile game is just an insult to the franchise. It's just a big middle finger to gamers.

    Everything I liked about Diablo is killed because it was a full blown computer controlled RPG game.
    It wasn't some random phone game with bullshit controls and bullshit hardware minimum.

  7. It's not that they are releasing a game for mobile and it's worth saying that the game isn't that bad it's quite good as far as mobile games go. I also have no problem with games for mobile that are good on mobile. But they should have asked themselves is there any other platform this game would be better suited for. In this situation the answer is yes, it would have been far better on PC. So they should have made it for PC. That's why I'm disappointed.

  8. Diablo: Released 1996. Genre defining game, set the tone for the next game. Diablo II: Released 2000. Genre re-defining game. Blockbuster hit that created a HUGE, dedicated fanbase. Fast forward 12 loooong years. Diablo III: Released 2012. Wtf happened? I mean… it's ok, but it took 12 years for this mediocrity? Fast forward 6 more years. "We have new Diablo news!" Pulls fans in…. creates hype…. Diablo Immortal.. WHAM. WHAM. WHAM. Hammering those nails into the coffin. This is what you get when you stop caring about your fan base and start trying to take advantage of dedicated fans and grabbing for their wallets/purses. The SMALLEST amount of market research would have told Blizzard that this is not something to be hyped up in the West. Sure… make it.. release it in the East with a bunch of hype and then just put it out on the market with a small release in the West. But if you for one second thought that this is the kind of Diablo information that your dedicated fan base was looking for, then you don't deserve the job you have. Just about every decision since Diablo II: LOD has been poor, and not well received. Maybe it is time to start looking within, and seeing what changes can and should be made before you lose all fans and kill one of the best franchises is the ARPG genre. Don't try to fix what isn't broken. I'd rather buy a remastered Diablo II, you could even put it on a smartphone and I'd probably pick it up. But I don't want a crappy money grab. /Rantover

  9. 2 videos without even mentioning the youtuber that was banned for showing gameplay video of him feeding an NPC to an alligator on RDR2, your twitter made me excited to hear your take on it.

  10. I haven't commented on your videos in awhile just wanted to hop in and wish you well hope your doing good Boogie I've been enjoying the videos lately. Hope you're doing well brother hope you're happy and healthy you look good man. Keeping you in my prayers

  11. For RDR2, the only issue I am having is Sadie is gone when I have the harmonica to give her. Thankfully I have not hit a bug bad enough to need to restart my game… I have almost 1k in cash rn… And I worked my butt off in investing lol If anybody knows of any bugs that will completely break the entire game to point of restarting the whole thing, plz let me know.

  12. Rockstar should release a patch for RDR2. Yea the game isn’t that buggy. But I’ve noticed at camp is where most of the bugs are at. I’ve seen floating bottles, characters writing letters but facing the opposite direction of a table, subtitles showing different text to what characters are actually saying, characters having conversations but there’s no sound. Also the game has a lot of clipping like my bandana go through my coat, grass clipping through goat hide carpets at the scout campfire, bandoliers going through shoulder, Long horse hair clipping through horses head, saddlebag clipping through saddle. I love this game so much but it’s small stuff like that puts me off ( I’m playing on PS4 pro so idk if it’s the same for Xbox)

  13. What's the make and model number of Boogie's headphones, it looks nice and flat, perfect for someone who wears it alot while lying down and on your side. I'm now using a Sennheiser but its earpads are extremely expensive to replace.

  14. My issue with Diablo Immortal is they gathered a huge crowd of PC gamers and announced a mobile game which is essentially meant for a different demographic. The "don't you guys have phones" is ridiculous but the guy said that spontaneously after people booed the thing he's been working on for a while so I don't blame him for that. It's just a dude.

  15. I've never played any of the Diablo games, but it upsets me greatly that a franchise is going over to the mobile platform because of the greedy tactics currently used and exploited. That is my biggest gripe with mobile games and why I try my best not to buy games that rely on recurrent user spending.

  16. Never had any game breaking bugs in red dead but had bugs where the bow is in my stomach and the odd time my horse trips over its own feet throwing me super far to where I can’t whistle for the horse because I’m out of range far

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  18. Man….let Blizzard make their paper. Let them have a mobile game. Then let them use those GIANT funds make an amazing Diablo 4 for the next generation. I think the fans of Diablo are right too, the stock holders think this too, kudos to them for making a point that our voices mean something. Blizzard respect your fans, your big enough, make your mobile games to make money, but give your Diabloaholics their TRUE Diablo.

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