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My kitty is here and as I predicted in the video: I’ve got nothing done today. Whoooooops~ She’s so pretty I couldn’t go home without her.

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41 thoughts on “Miraculous Ladybug Speedpaint; The shows creator blocked me on twitter

  1. I just wanna reiterate that I dont know what Thomas Austruc is like irl and I don't want anybody bothering him over me talking about this, I just figured it was a semi entertaining story I could share and it was kinda an emotional realization for me so in a way I'm glad it happened. Please don't try to contact him regarding this or rag on him as a person in the comments or anything, I think discussing that isolated incident and similar situations is important so we can discuss and learn from it but no need to get out of hand with it, you know? <3

  2. OMG YES! I love miraculous ladybug and it has honestly developed from the silly children's show it used to be. Not to shit on season 1 because it was charming and did deal with difficult subjects but now it's gone deeper into that stuff and I'm really happy!

  3. Can I just say that I've grown up watching your videos and absolutely love you and the content you put out. You've always been such an inspiration for me even as a little kid. Thank you for continuing what you do <3

  4. gasp!
    im not into Miraculous but my friends have been begging me to watch it. Maybe Ill give it a try because you seem to really really love it. (I mean I guess I owe it to them, I made them watch Voltron)
    And the twitter situation is a big oof Thomas seems rather stand-offish, I think you did the right thing by being so polite. I hope you can laugh it off!


  5. I also love ML!~(Love the drawing :3 ♡)

    Through it is weird that he blocked you, but maybe he had a lot of hate or something and was thinking that you were trying to create comment that would allow haters to agree and turn your neutral comment into like a starter for their hate comments. Dunno if this makes sense or not lmao sorry.

  6. SEASON 2 WAS SOOOOO HECKIN GOOD. LIKE SWEET SUGAR HONEY ICED TEA WAS IT GREAT… Nathalie is new bae, absolutely love her, and honestly the plot has me way more invested than the love square ever did in season 1.

  7. The art and story for this video were both good! I love what you said about figuring out what is and isn’t worth staying mad at! Your art is such an inspiration and cute kitty cat! Have fun with her~ ଘ(੭*ˊᵕˋ)੭*

  8. This was a really cool video to watch! And I don't personally watch Miraculous Ladybug (debating on whether or not I should), but I've seen your content that you've made for it, and honestly I'm really interested in it now! (If anyone gets me into this show, it'll be you omg)
    I really don't think it's cool for other people to be complaining about what fandoms you post content for. Like, who cares if you post videos of stuff they don't necessarily like? As long as it inspires you and as long as the fandom generally makes you happy, it's totally fine for you to post whatever you want!
    You're lovely and an awesome creator! I hope you have a super awesome day 🙂

  9. Miraculous is basically half my life and my personal little 'happy place' at this point (I spend most of my freetime either browsing the ml hasthag on tumblr, drawing Kwamis or reading fanfiction…It just makes me happy when other things don't), I'm so glad you're enjoying the show again and am definitely looking forward to more ML content on your channel!!

  10. I don’t like Miraculous Ladybug that much… but seeing you being so passionate about the show makes me happy, it shows you’re dedicated to it and love anything that comes from it. If it makes you happy, then I’m happy 😋

  11. I honestly really like how varried your content is. Between the story times, warriors, Pokemon, and anything else you may be Interested in, your video topics always keep me on my toes, and I really like that!

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