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Как споделени функции на уеб хостинг

The moderately priced споделен уеб хостинг plans from Chipsetus Hosting come with an immense collection of website building and име на домейн administration tools. Being capable of matching the уеб хостинг demands of both novices and trained users, all packages come with thirty-day money-back and 99.9% server uptime guarantees. By default, you will also get: an automated 1-click web apps installation tool; an online web site building tool; PHP7 support; MySQL and PgSQL support; SPF, spam & anti-malware protection for your mailbox accounts and more.

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1 уебсайт, хостван
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Here's what you will not find with other website hosting providers, yet offered by Chipsetus Hosting: a genuine cloud web hosting environment where the load is split between numerous hosting servers; InnoDB, Memcached and Node.js support; there's a web accelerator (Varnish Cache) too. Take a look at the list underneath to get to know more about the shared hosting plans' features.


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