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C# – How To Create Login And Register Form With MySQL DataBase In C#

C# Make a Signin And Signup Form With MySQL Database Source Code: ------------------ Check out my C# Projects! -------------------- ▶ Inventory Management System - ▶ Students Information System - ▶ Contacts Management System - ▶ Hotel Management System - ▶ Real-Estate Management System - ▶ All My Programming Projects Here - ▶ My Source Code Store Here - -------------------------------------- C# PRODUCTS -------------------------------------- ▶ Get C# Projects Bundle - ▶ Learn C# And More - ------------------------------------ Project Description ------------------------------------ in this c# tutorial we will see how to Design a login and Register form and Connect This Two Forms With MySQL Database. What We Will Use To Build This Project ? : - Csharp Programming Language. - Visual Studio IDE. - XAMPP Server. - MySQL Database. - PhpMyAdmin. - canva.com What We Are Gonna Do In This Project: - design the Login And Signup Forms With Panels, Labels, TextBoxes and Panels. - navigate between login form and signup form using a label. - create a placeholder text in the textboxes - create a connection between Our C# Application and MySQL Database. - create a Button To login, and Another Button to create a new account. - create a mysql database to store the users data. - make a validation if: - the textboxes are empty. - the username already exists. - the confirmation password doesn't equals the password. C# Controls We Will Use In This Project: - Windows Form - Panel - TextBox. - Button. - Label. - PictureBox. ----------------------------------- TABLE OF CONTENT ----------------------------------- ▶ 00:00:00 The Final Result Demo ▶ 00:03:30 Create The Project File ▶ 00:04:40 Create and Design The Login Form ▶ 00:26:50 Download The MySQL Connector ▶ 00:31:15 Create The MySQL Database ▶ 00:35:00 Create The Connection Class "DB" ▶ 00:40:00 Create The Login Button Click Event ▶ 00:48:20 Create The Register Form ▶ 01:26:30 Create The Signup Button Click Event ▶ 01:37:41 Check If The Username Already Exist ▶ 01:46:14 Create a Function to Check & Verify The Empty Fields ▶ 01:57:15 Check If The Two Password Fields Are Equals ▶ 02:12:15 Create a Label in the Login Form to go to the Signup Form ▶ 02:18:50 Create a Label in the Register Form to go to the Login Form -------------------------- C# Tutorials ----------------------------- ▶ C# Create Calculator - ▶ C# Tic Tac Toe Game - ▶ C# Treeview Tutorials - ▶ C# File IO Tutorial - ▶ C# Insert,Update,Delete,Search,Display Images From MySQL Database - ▶ C# And MySQL Tutorial - ▶ C# DataGridView Tutorial - -------------------------------------------------------------------- visit our blog facebook: twitter: subscribe: programming projects with source code: C# And Java Programming Books share this video: #Csharp #Login #Register #Project #Design #Mysql #Source_Code

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