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How to sell web design this week

Let's look at how to sell web design right now. My 2020 coaching program: FREE weekly web design sales and mindset advice: When things change you got to change with them. The businesses that adapt the fastest survive and thrive. And this 100% applies to web design. For a long time, a lot of web designers focused on only selling "design". They made websites that looked good. That might have worked in the past but right now that isn't what people need. If that was you - you need to adjust your approach. When I first started selling web design services (2016) it was to businesses in the middle of Canada's oil recession. Like right now businesses were scared and panicking - they need real help that mattered. They didn't care about design, or code, or fancy layouts - they NEEDED results. The same applies right now. When times are tougher businesses look for people who can help them get new customers, keep current customers, land new deals, grow the business and so on. ***They only spend more where it matters*** Right now today people need your help - they need your skills and services to help them get back on track and back growing their business. BUT you need to be able to show them how you can help and get them to take action. This video will help you get started with both. ➤➤➤ If you got any questions or comments post up. I will answer. ➤➤➤ If you got value from this video please like, subscribe, and share. ➤➤➤ ➤➤➤ My FREE Guide + 30-step checklist for growing a profitable web design biz:

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