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Who We Are

At Chipsetus Hosting, we are devoted to the provision of avant-garde hosting solutions. Our portfolio encompasses a broad selection of hosting packages, which offer lavish storage space and traffic allotments, domain name registration & transfer options, user-friendly Domain and Email Managers, multiple website hosting options, as well as free-of-charge extras, among them a one-click PHP apps installer and a web site building tool. All hosting accounts can be easily administered through our multilingual web hosting Control Panel. A 24/7/365 client care service is available as well.

Our Goals

It may sound unbelievable, but the majority of the leading companies in the web hosting arena usually don't invest a lot in the development of new technologies. Instead they rely on third-party software solutions. Unlike theirs, our web hosting software was created in-house by us. Also, our business model is client-oriented in the sense that client support plays an essential role in the provision of our excellent-quality web hosting services.

Our Client Base

Our hosting solutions enable small and medium-size businesses to earn a profit using their web sites. Having an Internet presence permits businesses and individuals to take advantage of the World Wide Web.

Our superior-quality 24/7/365 customer care service allows our clients to enjoy a seamless website hosting experience. This is the reason why our customer base has been increasing steadily since we started.

Solutions For Everybody

Chipsetus Hosting offers superior-quality hosting solutions for both individuals and enterprises. Depending on the number of web sites you wish to host, you can select from a range of website hosting plans tailored to meet everybody's budget.

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