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Applications Installer

All our hosting packages are equipped with a cost-free one-click Applications Installer tool, which you can use to install different popular PHP applications. It is very easy to use - you can build your online journal, discussion board, Content Management System-driven site, online photo gallery or web shop with just a single click and you don't need to possess any web design competence.

With the cost-free 1-click apps installation tool, you will save both time and cash.




The world's most famous weblog software comes pre-installed and pre-configured with each hosting package.

View Demo   |   Free Installation


A powerful tool for creating e-commerce portals, with over two hundred and seventy five handy built-in features.

View Demo   |   Free Installation


Ready-to-use web shop. With many templates at your disposal, you can quickly launch your e-store.

View Demo   |   Free Installation


A feature-rich web content management system with an accent on aesthetics and usefulness.

View Demo   |   Free Installation


A famous CMS with a ton of add-ons, and a very devoted community.

View Demo   |   Free Installation


A free-of-charge online learning platform, excellent for pedagogues. It enables everyone to create an e-learning portal.

View Demo   |   Free Installation


An advanced customer relationship management software platform, which can help you boost your sales and expand your market reach.

View Demo   |   Free Installation


The most popular application for creating real estate portals, backed by a large and enthusiastic user community.

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