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Hepsia Alan Adı Yöneticisi

Hepsia's Domain Manager will give you absolute authority over your etki alanları. You can register and transfer a domain name from one single place, change its nameservers, upload files, create electronic mail and FTP accounts, set up subdomains, examine traffic stats, etc. What's more, you can register, renew and manage multiple domain names at the same time.



Manage DNS Records

You will exert absolute command over the DNS records for all the domain names that you have registered or transferred to us. You can even register your own name servers like dns1.your-domain.com and dns2.your-domain.com and create custom DNS resource records (A, AAAA, MX, SRV, CNAME, TXT, etc. records).

Domain Parking

With the Domain Manager interface, you can park any of your domains registered with us and administer already parked domains. Parked domain names will automatically redirect your visitors to a website of your choosing or to a special template-based web page. You can park a new domain and leave it until your site is ready. Even if you do not need a new domain at this particular moment in time, you can still use the service to reserve fancy domain names for future ventures.

Kimlik Koruması

The identity protection service enables you to shield your private or corporate WHOIS details. By default, when you register a domain name, your registrant data is made openly available for anyone to see. With the identity protection feature enabled, your info will be instantly hidden and the WHOIS lookup will return the domain registrar's information instead of yours.

Multi-Domain Management Options

With the Domain Manager, managing multiple domains simultaneously is surprisingly easy. For instance, the domain name registration wizard permits you to register multiple domains at the same time. You will be able to just as easily renew your domain names before they reach their expiry dates. In addition, you can increase the security of all your domains with only one single click by activating the ID protection feature.

Daha fazla özellik

With our Domain Manager user interface, you can easily change the WHOIS details associated with any of your domains. You can also purchase a new Secure Sockets Layer certificate at a modest price, which is mandatory if you have an online shop. And we have integrated an easy-to-work-with tool, which will enable you to quickly forward registered domains to other websites.

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